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Remote fax error - how do you solve

What causes fax transmission errors?

Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware. Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware. Communication error, usually because the fax hardware is incompatible, often caused by outdated hardware.

Rick: Hi, I'm Rick Yuzzi, Vice President of Marketing, and I'm here with Pete Olivia, Vice President of our Systems Group, and Pete, we're here today to talk about codeword errors, which are a good indicator of when to hit one Cable system something goes wrong and when something goes wrong with a cable system. So why not give us an overview of what they are? Pete: Okay, every transmission protocol sends information about its transport and it breaks it down into pieces, depending on what the protocol is, some would call it 'packets', 'frames'. In the cable world they are 'code words'.

So a code word is a small piece of information that is transported over your network and what cableplants does, like any good transport, is to have a methodology to see if there is any damage on the way. And so codeword errors are basically errors in this check, so it takes a data packet and it puts a checksum over it, it says you should get the same number when you get it there is a difference, you got a codeword error. Rick: And in the DOCSIS world there are correctable and uncorrectable code word errors.

What is the difference? Pete: Sure. So in a correctable codeword situation we got bad data about, but based on the checksum you can compare what you got in the packet and what the checksum says to see if there are any differences. And if there are only a few differences, we can correct that zero based on what comes out of the checksum and reproduce the original transmission and keep the integrity.

In an uncorrectable sense, the original transmission has been damaged so badly that we cannot determine what was really out of whack, and all we can do is drop it on the floor and ask for a retransmission, if it's not something that's in real-time-like language. Rick: So if there were codeword errors I would think that it would have an impact on the subscriber, especially if they are incorrectly able, right? Pete: Sure. Especially when you are processing data like the internet you might notice a little slowness .The experience would be a little rough.

You may not know there were codewords. It just seems a little slower because it is retransmitted. It repeats it over and over again.

If you get clipping or ingress corrupting the information back to the headend, you will see it with gaps or signals. You can tell from a voice perspective because you cannot retransmit what you said in the past. They have overlap so it just tosses them on the floor leaving you with gaps and beeps and clips.

Rick: As far as diagnosis goes, it sounds like a great tool if you can measure these things, especially correctable, maybe to see when they go up, maybe uncorrectable in terms of the experience the subscriber would have. Pete: Right, yeah. Anyway, you want to be able to see if it's you with codeword problems.

Many of the things that we consider prospectively in a diagnostic person are some kind of leading indicators like SNR or NER or something similar. But when codewords actually have problems, the transmissions are actually interfering, so this is actually actually 'I have a problem' Take a look at this, and you can do that in many of our products. TruVizion shows you correctable and uncorrectable items.

Obviously, uncorrectable is worse than correctable. At least with Correctables, you will get the broadcast, albeit a little quality degraded, but you can still go through. Rick: And I think if you measure that over time, you might see that the correctables increase over time, and eventually it will hit a wall and you will start to see uncorrectables.

So it's good to see that over time, right? Pete: Yeah, absolutely. In fact, the more you use it, the more you see it because you won't see it until there is transmission. But the more you use the medium, the more you open up, you have a problem, you 'are going to produce more problems.

And yes, correctable ones will likely lead to uncorrectable ones at some point. So if you see your correctables, if you look at them over time, you will see them bleeding into uncorrectables, especially if you have a lot. Rick: So people are starting to move to DOCSIS 3.1 now.

So in DOCSIS 3.0 and earlier we had forward error correction, is that correct? Pete: The Reed-Solomon algorithm, right. That's what 3.0 and earlier it used to be.

And 3.1, they are now doing the low density parity check. It's an algorithm that was developed a long time ago, but it took better technology to make it usable.

Computing power. And actually you get a lot of profits in the 3.1 world because it's a little bit better.

So you have better bug fixing in the 3.1 world. Rick: Great.

So there you have it. Codeword error. It is very important to measure them on your cable system, we have diagnostic tools that can do that.

So thank you, Pete. That was very informative.

Can't send fax but can receive?

Fax issues where you can send, but not receive is typically an issue with the phone line or incorrect setup. The machine must have a clear and crisp dial tone before faxes can be received. ...

Hello everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel. This article from today will tell you what to do when you cannot send or receive picture messages on your Samsung device. But if you have not previously subscribed to my YouTube channel, please subscribe and click the bell icon to be notified of our latest articles for free.

Now let's start with the basics first. The first thing we do is reset the device. We go to 'Settings' here.

We go to 'General Administration' - 'Reset' and then select 'Reset Network Settings'. This will reset all settings related to WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth. So if you have saved the password for the WiFi, you will have to enter it again.

We can also reset our device. We go to 'Reset Settings' and then select 'Reset Settings'. As soon as you enter the PIN, the entire device is reset to the factory settings.

Once you've done this, the next step is to check your network signal. Check the bars above. If you only see one bar, go to the area where you have this strong network signal and see if you can or cannot re-send the MMS or MMS.

Next, you need to make sure that the mobile data is turned on and that the data packet is still left. Remember, if you want to use the MMS feature, you need to use it with your mobile data. You cannot use the wireless network.

So open up Control Center, pull down the Notification Control Center and make sure you have mobile data turned on. If you still have data or not, you can try opening a YouTube article or other website. Next, you need to check the APN setting, also known as the access point name.

If you have changed operator by accident, check that you have the correct APN setting according to operator. For that we go to 'Settings'. Go to 'Connections'.

Then go to 'Cellular Networks'. Go to the access point names. For me I didn't choose an access point name, but for me this is the right one, the top one.

So if I want to add I select this radio button and then select these APN settings. If it's a wrong one, you can tap the three dotted icons, then select 'Reset to Defaults' - 'Reset' and then restart your device to see if you can find the correct APN settings here. If you can't find your carrier's APN settings, you'll need to call your carrier to make sure they are getting the correct APN settings here.

Now you also need to check if you have activated the power saving mode in your Android device. So when you turn on sleep mode it will save the battery, but it will turn off many features and one of the features could be the MMS feature. So what you do all over again is pulling you down.

Pull down the control center and make sure that this power mode is not activated. If it is enabled, just tap on it and then it will turn off the power saving mode. Now we can go to the 'Settings' again.

Go to Apps and scroll down and look for 'Messages'. Open it and go to 'Storage'. Select 'Clear Cache' and then 'Clear Data'.

OK. So clear the cache files and data for the messaging application. Finally we can go to the 'Settings' again.

Then go to 'Apps' again. We go to 'News'. Open it.

Tap the Settings icon. Go to 'More Settings'. Go to 'Multimedia Messages' and make sure the 'Auto Repeat' feature is turned on so that the messages will be downloaded automatically as soon as you receive them.

So go ahead and do all of these settings and hopefully that should fix the problem. Thank you for watching this article. Have fun!

What is remote fax?

You can send and receive faxes from a machine that does not have a fax function if you can use the remote fax function to connect to a machine that has a fax function. You can instruct a remote machine to send a fax by displaying the screen on your machine.

Hey DIY enthusiast, I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid. Today we are discussing what phone line monitoring is. Every house used to have a phone line, right? for the phone line, why not use it to send alarm signals? Many of these alarm systems had telephone line connections.

Even those made to this day still have a phone line connection. It's not as common as it used to be, but there are still some panels that allow you to monitor the phone line. Now, for example, this Vista panel here, it still has the last four terminals there for a telephone line.

This is still a widely used system using it. Now the thing with the phone line, it used to be, like I said, you paid for it anyway. So a lot of people thought, hey, why not just use it for the alarm system to send signals? “Another good thing about the phone line back then was that the FCC required all phone lines to be powered by the phone company, which had its own backup batteries.

Even if the house lost power, your phone line would still work, which means your system would still work as long as it had a backup battery, right? to the system, the system still has that backup battery and it still works sending the phone line signals which then still have a working alarm in the event of a power failure. However, the phone line still has its flaws, right? So a lot of people don't realize that people can actually just cut your phone line, and if that's all you are using on the system then your system will stop communicating because the phone line was cut. Well this is the place where cellular communication devices entered.

symbol for subsection

Cellular communication devices allowed it to go where if your system was using the phone line and it was broken, cellular communication the system picks up on the cellular communication device and continues to send signals over the cellular path the days before we had a phone line, and then we added cellular, but now in days everyone has internet in their home. And the same concept again. If you are already paying for the internet, why not allow internet communication? What is used to send all alarm signals? Many of these systems now go from phone line to cellular and now have three functions, right? You can choose between cellular, internet, or phone line capability for phone lines as the phone line is quite unreliable to this day.

Sometimes it sends out dirty signals. When you use VoIP, Voice over IP, we have seen from many of our customers who use it that sometimes there are a lot of problems getting set up. Normally we recommend staying away from the monitoring of the telephone line if possible, only staying with IP and then of course cellular as a backup, since cellular is not real ly will be interrupted, right? Internet or telephone lines can actually be cut off.

That was just a little bit about monitoring the phone line. Here, too, only a certain number of systems allow this to date. Many of the new wireless systems don't even run out of phone line hookups, so this should only be kept in mind when purchasing an alarm system and whether you're looking for cellular internet or phone line monitoring.

And if you'd like to learn more, you can always email us at support@alarmgrid.com. If you found this article helpful, make sure you click like below.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on notifications. This way you will be notified when we upload new content. My name was Jorge from Alarm Grid.

I'll see you next time.

Why do I get error messages on my fax machine?

There was no receiver on the other end of the call to connect to. There was an error while generating the document. This could be due to the file being deleted before sending. A remote fax machine was detected, but the sending and receiving modems could not establish communication.

How can I tell if I have a remote fax machine?

A remote fax machine was detected, but the sending and receiving modems could not establish communication. Fax transmission not established We could not detect a remote fax machine. This could be due to there being no fax machine on the receiving end, or a lack of call clarity. Log entry lost

Why did the remote fax machine unexpectedly send a disconnect message?

The remote fax machine unexpectedly sent a disconnect message when the fax service asked for the remote fax machine's fax capabilities. An unexpected message was received when the bulk fax service asked for the remote fax machine's fax capabilities. An unexpected message was received after successfully sending a page.

What does it mean when a fax does not respond?

In practice, this should be rare and may indicate a system problem. No response after sending a page. The remote fax machine did not acknowledge that a page of the fax was received. Depending on the remote machine's behaviour, it may have still printed the page and any preceding pages.

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