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Outlook error 0x800300fd - common questions

How do I fix error 0x80042108 in Outlook?

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x80042108
  1. Fix #1 - Restart Microsoft Outlook. ...
  2. Fix #2 - Reinstall Microsoft Office. ...
  3. Fix #3 - Remove and Re-create Email Account. ...
  4. Fix #4 - Disable Antivirus Program. ...
  5. Fix #5 - Uninstall/Remove Antivirus Program.
  6. Fix #6 - System Restore. ...
  7. Fix #7 - Check the Default Gateway.

Hi everyone and welcome to another article on digitals Mine Comm i'mdigital Dave I'm your host and the owner of Digital is my rest today we're going to see what I think is the most annoying Outlook error of all time and the reason why What I find most annoying is that no help is offered to you in solving the error. Basically all you see is the error on the screen and then you see if that information was helpful. Good because I now know what the error is but i don't know how to solve it and if this is one of those hard files to solve because the file you are re-tracking is actually hidden and you need to know how to find it and how to deal with it to fix the error.

This error usually occurs when you have multiple copies of Outlook and you opened a copy of Outlook on one computer on another computer, you opened a copy there and somehow they got stuck in syncing, and I've seen this error multiple times as well understand it pretty well because I restore my machine from time to time and yes because I've fiddled with software or installed article drivers that went south I just don't feel like ripping out all the INFs - and everything else is just easier go back for me and put an older, you know, an older image back on this system, everything comes back as it was and it works fine, so this is one of the errors I got and in fact I am facing this error right now got a couple of days because i had to do a restore because the latest ati drivers put my system in the l I didn't mean somehow, I mean I blew it up so I'm not putting that back in I'll stick with a rev after it until they can figure out what's going on with this bug as you can see on the screen now what i have is the default explorer this is what you will see when you open windows 7 or even vista and there really is no help here your profile is now my profile i know but your profile is going to be very similar now , a lot of people get confused with these users very quickly because what happens is they think it's public or that there is someone else who may be your chuty, your kids, or someone else who is sharing the machine. When you want to log in, double click on your login, but we're looking for a folder here that doesn't exist, but there's a bar hidden here, so we hit the Alt key and we go to the tools and then we go to the folder options and then we go to view and we actually have to click that button here to show hidden files folders and drives which we are going to say ok and then we chase that app data right here so now that it appeared double click on it, double click on local because it's a local application, scroll down to Microsoft because you know Views of the Microsoft Application and then we're going to scroll down to Outlook, so double click on Outlook and the file you are looking, is this one here It is the ODF, that is to say it Outlook data file This is actually the OST file that you can see here now The problem you have With that you have its to see the original error you need to have Outlook started now, once you do this Outlook will actually lock this file, actually insert it and say that you can't do anything with that particular file, the handle to get rid of it You need to log out of the system and then log back in again.You need to restart.You can log out and log back in.You can also use a tool called unlocker, and I'll put a url in the article here, but you'll need to load that before doing any of this but when unlocker unlocks try again to unlock the handle from the file that is currently in use, which will then allow you to delete the file, and the only way to get rid of this particular error is to either delete the that or rename it.

So if you just want to keep it for the OST you can name it - dot bakdot you know you know Bob dot you know John, it doesn't matter as long as there is no OST file once you have it in being able to do this you will have to reopen Outlook and then Outlook will actually create a brand new copy of the OST file which means all of your data will have to be synced again and this is the only way to get rid of this error, so I hope this helps some of you this bug a bit more oh I don't know, easier to understand and maybe provides a link to an FAQ on their website that shows you how to fix it directly or directly from this bug, if you can click so I hope this works and I hope this ha Some of you take care of us and see you on the site

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How do I fix error 0x80040600 in Outlook?

Steps to fix Outlook Error 0x80040600
  1. Close Outlook in order to Run the inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST. ...
  2. Click the Search option from Start menu and type the following command to locate the scanpst.exe repair tool:
  3. Open SCANPST. ...
  4. Click the Scan button to start the recovery process.

How do I fix error 0x800ccc0f?

Method 1: Disable the Antivirus and Firewall.
  1. Go to Control Panel and click Network and Sharing Center.
  2. In the Network and Sharing Center, click the option Windows Defender Firewall.
  3. Click the option Turn Windows Defender Firewall on and off.
  4. Click the last option of Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall. Click OK.

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Hello everybody! Welcome to the Muradi tutorials YouTube channel. Today I'm going to show you how to fix the error that is preventing you from adding a Yahoo email to Outlook with the pop up message that something went wrong. We couldn't log into the incoming POP or IMAP server or something like that Outlook errors like this when you want to add Gmail to Outlook you can go to the Muradi Tutorial YouTube channel.

Click the articles and find the article about Outlook Error for GmailNow. Let's start with configuring a Yahoo email in Outlook Start by configuring a Yahoo email in Outlook. You need to open Outlook and then go to the FileAdd account.

Write your email. My email is azizullah_muradi@yahoo.com Click Connect, click the pop option in the inbox, write pop.mail.yahoo. com On the port write 995 on the outgoing mail server click on the box and write smtp.mail.yahoo.com on the port write here 4 6 5 Don't forget to check the box and I click on Next.

Enter your password connect here, it will ask you to enter the password again Maybe I entered the wrong passwordOK, if you see that this time you click on Change account settings, write it down on the outgoing mail server on port 587, click on Next, click Connect when prompted You will need to enter the password again while being 100% sure that you entered the password correctly. So you have to cancel it. Change account settings Click 'Back' if you see that I've already entered my email address but the 'Connect' button is greyed out, you'll need to rewrite your email address if it is still not working the 'Connect' button grayed out.

That means that you have some email addresses on the list, select one of them and again you have to select the email address you want to configure activated now click on connect this time select IMAP in the Incoming e-mail write down imap.mail.yahoo.com on the port write 993 from here choose encryption method choose SSL / TLS on the outgoing e-mail write smtp.mail.yahoo.com write down on port 465 Choose SSL or TLS click next enter your password click connectokay there it is error again click change account settings this time put 587 and click nextconnectso i still see there is an error that means went wrong nothing works but don't worry I still have a solution to try the last option that should work I want to try it on the pop-up server so I click on Account Settings change.

I want to select POP instead of IMAP Click Go Back Now I can't go to advanced setup because the connect button is grayed out and sometimes you can't go to the advanced setup page by changing the emails in the list we did before created here. You have to tick the box. If I want to set up my account manually, you can switch to the advanced setup.

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I wanted to show you how to solve the problem. So I want to apply the last method to the POP option by dumping IMAP to POP and solve If you want to use the last method to the IMAP option, that's all. Okay, please go ahead, so I'll hit the advanced options drop-down button and tick Let me set up my account manually so I can change it here I choose POP I'll enter my password for me to enter the password is prompted I click on CancelChange account settings We are in the POP account settings, so yes POP-Mail yahoo.com 995.

This is also a tick and the outgoing server is smtp.mail.yahoo .com 465 I click on 'Next '.

From here you can check whether your password is correct or not. Click Connect, so I am clicking Cancel here. Guys! If you've tried all the options and can't configure your Yahoo email in Outlook, you'll need to keep this page here and go to any browser.

Sign in to your yahoo account i go to chrome browser i already signed in to my account azizullah_muradi @ yahoo.com you need to click on info, account info then click on account security here you need to sign in again, it will ask for your password , Click next enter password, click next you are now here on account security, you are scrolling down if you see here there is an option generate app password click on it, this is where you will be asked to select your app. Click the drop-down list and select Outlook desktop other app you are looking for Click Generate here is your Outlook app password.

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The desktop copy this password click on Done Save the password somewhere that you shouldn't forget ttingsclick here on next here insert the password I insert the password and click on Connect You see people, we are done If you need another e- If you want to add mail you can do so, otherwise click Done scroll down and find the email address you added Yes here I added the azizullah_muradi@yahoo.com click 'Unzip', which is empty so that if it still does not come it will come, go to send and receive. Hit 'Send' or 'Receive All Folders'You see guys getting emails If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comments section of this article.

I will answer your question right away or find a solution for you, if you still have not subscribed to my channel please subscribe to my channel and like the article thank you very much and goodbye!

How do I fix error 0x800ccc1a in Outlook?

Repair MS Outlook
  1. Open up the Control Panel on your PC (and show All Control Panel items, if necessary) and click on Programs, then Programs and Features.
  2. Find Microsoft Office 2016in the list and highlight it. ( ...
  3. Click Change.
  4. Select Quick Repair and Repair then follow the prompts.

Why do I keep getting the error 0x800300fd?

I have started getting the error message: 0x800300fd and I am no longer receiving any incoming email. How can I sort this problem please? Thanks. . Thanks, I got it sorted, I restarted my desktop and the problem disappeared as quickly as it appeared!!

How to resolve error 0x8004010f when sending or receiving email?

An object could not be found. To resolve error 0x8004010F, identify the current location of your default Outlook data file, and then create a new Outlook profile. To do this follow these steps: Select Start, and then select Control Panel. In Control Panel, select Mail. In the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box, select Show Profiles.

What are the error messages for Outlook 2010?

When you try to send or to receive email in Outlook 2010, you may receive one of these error messages: 0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed. or. 0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found.

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