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Mmc.exe application error - how to solve

How do I fix MMC exe error?

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  1. Press Windows key + S and type Command Prompt then run it as administrator.
  2. Type DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press Enter.
  3. Once it's done, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.
  4. Restart your computer.

All right, this geek tip I want to show you how to manage your Windows computer with the Microsoft Management Console.Now the Management Console came out virtually in Windows95 and Windows NT 4, so it's been around for a while and if you've ever opened it but Computer Management Performance Monitor or a couple of other programs actually used in Windows actually use Windows Administration or Microsoft Management Console, but you can make your own custom console and I want to show you I do now in a run dialog and then save your console somewhere and then you can start it from there, so basically let's start it when you create a console, you have to open the management console from the run dialog so we're onWindows 10 I'm clicking with right-click on the Windows logo in the start menu, call up the power user menu and we choose Run now we can in another lecture we can actually use the windows logo key on the keyboard plus the letter R and that opens the run dialog to run MMC as you can see here Microsoft management console and we click OK yes we will be asked to enter admin rights we will click yes and now we have a completely empty console so let's go ahead and start adding some add-ins to staphons.

I should say so let's go and add some of these snap-ins and I want to keep mine organized so I'll actually add a couple of folders here to get my snap-ins in order, and to get this right , here you need to hit the 'Advanced' button and choose to change the parent snap out loud. That way we can actually add snap-ins to the specific folder they're supposed to be in, keep going as we go we have our folders let's rename them I'll do this one management and we remember that security and there we have it now our renamed folders let's remove snapping back to add and for maintenance or administration I select the parent administration and want to enable computer management and give us the option to use a local or another computer now if you are on a domain They know you can manage multiple computers and manage them that way, you know, if you wanted, you could actually have a folder called Bob's Computer and put all the snap-ins for Bob's computer and bubbly a lot, but we're just going to make the local computer so we're going to leave it at the default and click finish, a So now we have the management book deinmanagement snapped in there let's go on I would also like to put one in the security folder and normally I would like to have a Windows firewall and of course a local computer we can do that then let's go back here and I'll show you the management of the computer and there we go, we actually have all of these separate programs and these are all separate snap-ins themselves, but if you select Computer Management you get the full boot, the full boot of it you get jammers with computer management, so I always recommend that You know the computer management snap-in works great and then of course we have the Windows firewall imean down here which also gives us all the options so that we can do all kinds of administration of the firewall in the computer, but let's go go ahead there are a couple of things here it will snap-insi would like to add an activex control and I'm going to add it to the admin folder so there's a really cool ActiveX control inside let's keep scrolling down and these end users enjoy users I know consumers won't be interested but the system monitor control is pretty interesting because You can actually add counters for different parts of your computer control, we are on the go during nothing, we don't have counters that have actually been added so we're going to add an encounter and of course as you can see we have a lot of c built into Windows Counters so you know you can monitor your hard drive activity your memory your cached processor you know yatta yatta i mean there are a lot of these here but we will move on and since we have the processor selected by default we will and we will will check and see, yes that's all below r is on the processor that you can actually monitor, so we can pick you to know one of them. We're going to select Total Add Grand Total click OK, as you can see we now have color-coded lines here on our diagram, which shows us that you know exactly what is happening with our processor privilege, so I mean, you actually can here go through the cache and actually see the cache 1 2 3 times kind of graph it shows generate a report A lot of different options here you can do with the System Audit Panel, but we can actually do it if there is a program you want to start and You won't find the add-in we can actually add in a task pad view so we'll right click on the console rope and we'll add a new task patent view horizontal or web basically i don't have any style at all but usually I like to use a horizontal list if it gives you a little more space.

netstat requires elevation

It only occupies the bundle bottom of the console, not along the horizontal or vertical edge, so don't think about that much space, so we'll go ahead and we'll go to all points and we'll say yes on the console route and automatically launch the new task wizard, so that we can actually run various commands You can actually launch a program web page and run a script that you do a bit out of thin air, but we're just going to open a simple program and use WordPad. It's right here in the Windows and Program Files Windows NT Accessories directory so let's call WordPad, now we can use an icon built into the Microsoft administrative console. They look like Windows 95 Years and since we have Windows 10 let's get something a little more modern, so click on a custom icon and of course browse Windows System32 to see these are the icons built into the Microsoft management console but let's search the windows system32 directory and actually find what we are looking at, the dynamic link libraries are the dlls that come with windows the image res dll which is quite large indeed has a wealth of cool icons so let's go ahead and open that up and you, as you can see, yeah we have a lot of the nice soft ones you know they didn't look really good and the others are basically Windows 10 icons , so just take one of these? looks like a document and uses it so let's go ahead and now you see we have WordPad down here, it's actually kind of a shortcut clicking on it opens the work back you can actually add an add any program you like and paste it into the system tray down here.

You can also add multiple console tabs if you want it to be fully and fully customizable and remember that when you're all said and done, click Save, it's pretty easy to find and we're going to save click and if we go on we close it pretty well actually, there is the console if we want you to know that we can just open it again boom boom boom and there we go and we wouldn't go straight into all of our programs that we adjust and so for more geek tips that passed on to geeks in phoenix

What is MMC EXE application?

MMC.exe is a Microsoft created file that is built-in to every version of Windows since 2000. MMC, also known as “Microsoft Management Console”, uses host component object models known as snap-ins. These constitute various management snap-ins accessed from the Control Panel, such as the Device Manager.17 mei 2019

So let's get into drive management now, we want to do some disk management and drive management, and in your book they talk about the MMC, the Microsoft Management Console, the Microsoft Management Console is like a big red suit, Sears Toolbox, or a big red Home Depot toolbox, or a Bigblue Lowe is with you wherever you buy it It's a big toolbox I go to these stores that have big toolboxes and I'm excited because I love tools a lot and I see the big toolbox that is older than me and me just gonna get this treasure i need this i need this i say this in my head because it's not there because otherwise i know i wouldn't get my tool box because i already have tool boxes but i load it in the back of my Honda Civic I'm such a guy, yeah, I'm a big old truck called the Honda Civic.

amd bluetooth drivers

I'm throwing that in the coffin Room of my Honda Civic take it home, look honey, I have a toolbox, it has everything I need and I open it up and it's empty because big red toolboxes don't come well with tools when I was a kid that they did because I found one on the side of the road, and boy, boy, it was full of tools I grew up in Wyoming and apparently someone turned a corner a little quick on this dirt road and threw away their toolbox. We did the right thing and announced in the newspaper and all of that but still I love big toolboxes the same with Microsoft Management ConsoleMicrosoft Management Console is a big toolbox with no tools so let's show you so I'm going in here I'll say start soon when i finally mousiethere we go and i will say, mmm seeOh big red toolbox yes, but there are no tools, no one so we have to add some tools and these are called snap-insnow. There is a tool company called Snap-On-Tools which are actually pretty good as I remember what the tools are and oh wow look at all of these tools we have and I can add more if i want a local mach ine oranother i say local machine i will say dismanagement because it's great i will grab this and say this computer another computer will grab it on this computer i can do things like event viewer if i want I can just put all sorts of really cool tools into my system in fact, if I want I can even go in and add a web address ooh, let's add a web address, what a web address would look like ooh how about dub dub dub LIF eh-eh see kittyare stupid lifehacker.comyeah but we'll call the oneMICR OS ft sec they are the top security scene that names different things and what i do is now i have my tool kit When I was a kid my dad had a huge wood workshop, he loved his text workshop, he had every tool you know out there I went to Sears you know, so I went out and he looked over and he would See me and he knew who I was Jo interor leads over to the router unauthorized The same thing here you can see the pretty toolboxes, but you don't necessarily have the permission to use the pretty toolboxes and these are just references to the tools I will do that save i go in here i will save the file we say save as and i will save it to my desktop and we will call it console one because that is a cool name and i will minimize console one and here is console one and i click with right click on it, i bring up the properties of console one i find out that console one one hundred and fifty is 1k in size good 152 152 can size wowso i could ben one Set up a custom toolbox and send it to one of my junior admins and I can email that because 152 Kyeah you can and if it were me I can do a custom MMC on a domain controller, exactly the same thing and it will too about 152 Megan sighs but if now on windows 7 most of the machines have all the tools in there but if i do it with a domain controller and i add? active directories or computers I had System Center Configuration Manager either this is add all these things the MMC and I will send you the MMC unless you have the underlying tools installed by using something like our sat if you can boot the MMC and try to click the tool not authorized to use the tool and you click the tool it does not work so you must have permission to use a tool and you must have the tool on your computer too installed for it to work.

Now we're going to talk about Disk Management, but we have a Disk Management snap-in that is all fine and great and it says, Oh, we noticed you have a brand new drive because I added it between classes yesterday since you have a new hard drive do you want it to be a MasterBoot record or do you want to be aGPT for now? It is listed as unknown and what I will do is I say Master Boot Record and now it shows up as basic disk, now this is Disk Management a device manager I don't want a device manager I want something else I want a computer manager yes and we can say yes , local computer, another computer or I can say I can choose another computer if I want, where is a local computer and I say ok and when I go to computer management you will find that I also do disk management in computer management -MMC so you have the entire toolkit. Oh when you get Computer Management you get the EventViewer & Performance Manager and the Diskmanager and Service Manager or I can just take individual pieces and add them with pins and make a console just for my junior administrator, I can do that if I can dont want you to see everything here, i can go in and i can say computer management we will remove microsoft security which is actually lifehacker which is a really good website will remove this event view will remove device manager , will remove that and now your console looks like you're just using the hard drive management that's all it is, that's all, so how do I keep them from adding extra snap-ins and doing all those other things about that You are talking about MMC Modes This is below Figure 3.4 and the MMC Modes, what I'm going to do is I'll go into my actions and actually w I won't go into my actions I'll go into options I don't need options We have this one that I can go through and I can say the name, for example I can say Disc ma na GE m ET Toolbox I can give it a different icon if i want but down here we have console mode author mode means you can change things you can add snappings remove snappings change views move back and forth Show all that stuff to other computers Idon't imagine you've done this so I can go down and I can say user mode user mode you can't add snap-ins and you can't change the snap-in properties, but everything in it snaps like fighting a computer management, then go in and access everything i can go limited ed access to multiple windows that is, when i don't have part of a window that is visible as if it wasn't expanded yet, you can't expand it, or I can even go all the way to user mode with limited access to single window, which means that only the active window is something you have to use and then I say only allow users to customize the view no and i can say don't save changes to the console i say ok then that's what it is, you can just limit what you can do so that you can have the different modes you know the user mode you can Don't add snap-ins restrict access You can't add snap-ins, and if you have certain things that expand and certain things don't expand, you can't expand anymore, but you can switch between this window and this window in this window access limit if this is the window that the soap that is the only window you get even if you can see all of this this is there s the one that is open this is one that you get however you have to be careful here because you are you you are going to tease them you are going to say look at all these cool tools and if i like you more i would let them use them, so be careful with yourself

How do I get rid of MMC Exe?

Method 1: Uninstall MMC 1.21 via Programs and Features.
  1. a. Open Programs and Features.
  2. b. Look for MMC 1.21 in the list, click on it and then click Uninstall to initiate the uninstallation.
  3. a. Go to the installation folder of MMC 1.21.
  4. b. Find uninstall.exe or unins000.exe.
  5. c.
  6. a.
  7. b.
  8. c.

Why does mmc exe crash?

Microsoft Management Console has stopped working

When Snap-ins or DLL cause MMC.exe to get blocked or cause a crash error. Such crashes might be related to incompatible application DLLs attached to the mmc.exe process.

Why is there an error in mmc.exe?

The mmc.exe error is often due to corrupted system files. So a System File Checker scan, which repairs system files, is among the best resolutions for the mmc.exe. Users can run an SFC scan with the Command Prompt as follows. Click Cortana’s taskbar button to open the search box. Input ‘Command Prompt’ in the search box.

uninstall onenote 2013

Which is the best resolution for mmc.exe?

So a System File Checker scan, which repairs system files, is among the best resolutions for the mmc.exe. Users can run an SFC scan with the Command Prompt as follows. Click Cortana’s taskbar button to open the search box.

What does MMC stand for in Windows 10?

Mmc is the acronym for “Microsoft Management Console” and refers to a default application of the Windows operating system that handles the plug-in utilities when opening the Windows event viewer as well as the device manager and disk manager.

Why is my MMC snap ins not working?

Conflicting third-party software can cause MMC snap-ins to crash. So a clean boot without any third-party startup software or services could potentially fix the mmc.exe error. This is how users can clean boot Windows 10. Open the Run accessory with its Windows key + R hotkey.

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