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Error code 8015d002 - how to fix

How do you fix error code 8015D002 on Xbox 360?

Error 8015D002 occurs when signing in to Xbox Live on your Xbox 360
  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. Under Security & Privacy, click Change password & more.
  3. Under Security info helps keep your account secure, verify your email addresses and phone number.
  4. Sign out of your Microsoft account, and then sign in again.

interactive logon failure

How do I fix error 801540A9?

Error 801540A9 occurs when you try to download a game to Xbox One. Sorry, this profile can't connect to Xbox Live on this console. To fix it, download it again. This may mean that a child account is having trouble loading family member profiles.

How do you fix Xbox 360 status code 8c230002?

This type of error occurs most often when you are trying to access unrated content. If the account that's being used is an adult account, sign in to the account and then make sure it has unrestricted access to content. You can adjust your settings on your Xbox 360 console or online.

Hi I'm here today to help fix getting the status code error8 0 1 6 9 d 9 4 when trying to renew prepaid cards for Xbox Live membership now you go to Xbox Live and try Renew your membership and you get this error code eight zero one $ 6.99 for that you say the status code beforehand and you think what the hell can I just renew my membership? I just want to play an Xbox, which is a really frustrating problem and um people have just given up on the Xbox completely, or I mean their account and doing brand new ones, which is what it is.

You will see if you go to microsoftcomm i think or microsoft billingcomm um and you sign in saying your payment method is blocked and you can't remove it, you can't edit it or anything now um that's the problem too , it's pretty much an automated system that Microsoft has put in place to detect fraud and fraud and it really fails because it's not your details, your personal information and contact details from Xbox, your account and the payment method and when they don't completely with the exact capital letters and everything together this could happen to you, but um, what exactly happens is when you call microsoft they do it now i actually have the number i'm going to toss on the screen for you and They'll be calling that customer support number and they'll be calling you for anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours so I have my phone on the speakerphone put me down there they hung up I turn off the speaker and talk to them I just left it while I was doing whatever so it's not that bad unless they play really annoying music but um okay if you do when you call her there are a number of things that might depend on who you get on first the reps who work in customer support don't know what the heck that status code is and they really have no idea but they will ask you for yours Information is your original Xbox account information, if you can't verify it, umm it will ask you a few more questions and hopefully you get through, if not my husband really agreed, he was second, but what will happen is that they either don't know what the hell is going on or you'll be extremely lucky and get someone to do it, but um, what do you want to tell them when you go to the first time going up is tell them you will get the status code back they will be similar ok what is the status code you tell them the status code they will look it up on blake ok i will have your account information um u tell me the type of information they will say your account is locked they will either try and fix it themselves or take you to another location. If they move you to another location, you will be on hold for one to ten minutes Another call they will help you fix the solution easily now. You can ask them to do the blocked payment method which is either a Paypal credit card debit card, whatever says it is blocked, create the status code, ask them to remove it completely from the account and then you should be able to , um read, use your prepaid card or they can do it for you My husband did it when he asked me for the numbers I told them he made the 25 digit card and now I have an Xbox Live membership, now one more thing continue reading I'm not sure it will happen to anyone I just read this it might be a myth but the guys said they told him he was 60 Had to pay dollar because I think it was a I'm not sure what it was, what he said to pay $ 60 before he could do anything else, which I don't understand why Microsoft would put you in debt to them I am I'm pretty sure that d u need to have enough credit to buy it but that's just what i read but ok i'll tell you my experience i call ed theguy he i told him the exact number he just said okay what's your number info He's like oh it's his fund and I'm like yes you should have known based on the status code but apparently not and he said it he said ok your paypal account was blocked by the xbox and the reason why it could be suspended is the scam system I explained before and it's just that I haven't been on Xbox in a long time which could also bother it, especially if details change that it seemed that he adopted it without all that hassle for Microsoft and the guys extremely dodgy i don't know if microsoft is trying to use a new outlook and it's funny microsoft outlook is using a new outlook with customers don't understand it's like a ha ok when i explained to him how i am o k i never thought I'd be so ok this isper sonal affairs can we get back to the real deal i don't know if it's just another thing they're trying but the guy who sounded dodgy sounded very young Like he could have been a teenager around 18, maybe 18-20 in his room trying? to hack people over microsoft i don't know you can't have microsoft but it sounded very seedy when he asked me for details and all but i had to get the blame uh fixed the issue threegold three month membership no matter which card I got have Xbox Live access Everything is fine I was considering creating a new account, but I didn't have to um I'm trying to think about other things to discuss with you guys because it wasn't extremely cumbersome, it took me a couple of hours to find out I've heard people who haven't even given up on this because they didn't know what to do now, hopefully if you tell customer service what I told you, tell them I mean explain them that you know what the matter is, you know people, you think what emails happened and what happened and they should explain everything to you and hopefully it will be very easy n to get through it but um, I really wish you the best of luck trying to get your xbox account around i think this is really a really really stupid thing microsoft could have done, i mean they are great business, them usually have great customer support and everything but through this Xbox thing they really have to fix that.

This is a big problem and is becoming more and more common on Tag Iswear and they just need to be more professional with it and actually fix the problem but I think more employees now know that it is spreading but hopefully this can help you, so um everyone Any questions please comment me on this account I'm not sure what I'm going to cope with, I did it strictly for just because I really wanted to get this out, that was the main thing just to help people because it's a annoying shape and I couldn't stand it, so um questions please comment them in the comments they would probably be the easiest option um please thumbs up the article and share it with your friends if they have the problem because so that I can spread it can do this around so people know how to fix this and anything but any questions they leave in the comments should be more i should be easy for you can help fix these issues, but thanks for watching the article and thank you

How do you sign up for Xbox Live on Xbox 360?

Signing Up for Xbox Live. Open the Dashboard. Press the Guide button to open the Xbox 360 Dashboard. If you haven't signed up for Xbox Live yet, you should see a button that will start the account creation process labeled "Join Xbox Live".

Hi folks, I'm just going to show you some solutions to some of the problems you may encounter while downloading the game onto your Xbox 360.

Now this is only for the Xbox 360. I don't know if there is a way to do this on your Xboxone as I haven't seen an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 have it. Something like that is only the Xbox 360.

The first problem you may run into is that it stops downloading and when you click on it with the Xbox button when it is like the pop-up icon and it says that If this element cannot be downloaded, then this is the first solution of the first part of the article. The second part of the article just shows you how to download the game when your Xbox is off. It will put it to sleep and then turn itself off properly when it's done.

The first thing you do is we go to the settings, we go to the system, now we go to the store and one of these two as long as you obviously download the game on your lap, but you can only do that to save data, so let's just go to your Games and Apps hard drive and we go to the game that you failed to download some Gotham City Impostors so we're going to 'click it again, then we click it again and then we're going to delete now click you need to make sure it is deleted or it won't work now when we download the game again no matter what gamma it is online game or offline game it will still download. The only problem that can arise with downloading is the number of players in an online game where you are unable to schedule the online game and at the same time download an offline game, you can still go to a party and all but you won't be able to go to any online game which is likely going to be why the download stops in the first place but it shouldn't stop, it shouldn't cause it not It stops downloading but sometimes it does for me most of the time so I'll click back now and it should download safely and there won't be any problems The second part is to show you guys how to download the game to Xbox it will go to sleep and then it will download and then when the download is complete it will turn off so we're just going to do the same thing. Go to the system but this time I go to the console settings and then to start up and shut down and then to background downloads now basically when you see active downloads and cloud updates after turning off your console.

Your console's power light will blink while Transferring Items is activated, and then when you turn off your Xbox it will simply resume the download. One thing is not required that you have to do this while you have a power source or else it will obviously just go off because when power is needed many of the parts in the Xbox will turn off by themselves and it won't overheat or anything like that, so you can turn it off and you won't overheat, it won't damage the xbox, it won't melt any parts, it will just do it for sure unless your xbox one is faulty or something similar that i don't know about if it's safe to download, hopefully blue because it just goes to sleep, but I don't know anyways folks this is the end of this article, if you want more tutorials on our fixes or something like that leave a like and below subscribe to the comment below

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