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Why is prime video not working?

If your Prime Video app isn't working, start by making sure your account is active, and then check to make sure you're connected to the internet. Try using Prime Video on another device, and if it works there, reboot the first device.

- These are 10 new Amazon Prime membership benefits you need to know about in 2021.

I'm excited to have you here. Welcome back to the channel. I'm the YouTube Deal Guy, Matt Granite.

Obviously, I'm not getting out much. But I'm excited even more today because your Prime membership can give you additional savings on your smartphone plan and favorite TV channels. There's a way to double-dip and get freebies too, few people actually use it.

Today's article is not sponsored, but if you like the content please give a thumbs up. It helps with my self-esteem or lack of it. Main benefit number one, saving with the smartphone plan.

This year, in 2021, you can now get an additional 10% of your savings back when you are a Prime member and take advantage of one of these new, regularly switching offers for unlimited phone and SMS smartphone plans for just $ 20 per month . all in.In terms of my family, we don't travel nearly as much as we used to.

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So I recommend everyone to check out their own smartphone plans. Verify that the plan benefits you have with your current carrier are actually something you are taking advantage of. Including savings in the plan, you will receive this additional 10% back as credit every month.

There are no credit checks, no forms to fill out. And the wireless plans that you can find by expanding the article description box you will find a link, I am using affiliate links by means of my financial gain, if you are so kind as to use any of my links, change it on a regular basis every month, so if you see something associated with a provider that you're not completely crazy about right now, I can guarantee that over time, bundled with some smartphone deals, you'll be happy, or at least hopeful be a little happier when it comes to your smartphone provider. And second place as a Prime discount.

This is actually tied to two-hour delivery, which is new to Amazon for 2021. Whole foods are now inclusive of ed as part of Amazon's free two-hour delivery window if you're a Prime member. Whole Foods a little out of my budget, not necessarily somewhere I'd shop regularly, and by the way, folks, we're looking for grocers or savings or the best things to buy at Aldi or Trader Joe's or Costco.

I have that on this channel but for those of you who shop at Whole Foods this could be a perk to take advantage of now. In third place is an option to double-dip with the Prime Rewards credit card. And if you are not considering this credit card, don't worry about double dipping when you have this Amazon Prime Rewards credit card.

Let me just move my picture down a little more in the image window of my oversized head attached to the body of a teenager that looks like a teen's body to most of you so you can see the fine print. For example, if your lo ok the Roku Premier is a 4K HDR streaming media device. That's a 29% discount.

Good savings. But if you have the Amazon Prime credit card and use that to complete your purchase, you will get an extra 10% back. And sometimes that percentage is 15%.

If you look at the Kasa Smart Plugs now, they are 15 % cheaper, but get an additional 15% discount when you use your Amazon Prime credit card. And in the past I've actually seen some double-dip cashback offers when you have the Prime Rewards credit card for up to 20 or 30%. I saw one on a TV and one on a Robovac not long ago.

Prime perk number 4. Your Prime membership actually gives you benefits on multiple platforms, not just Amazon.com.

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Take Shopbop as an example. My wife is just starting to find out if this is a retailer they love, but free shipping and free returns aren't just part of your Amazon Prime membership, but when you're not shopping at Shopbop, East Dane, free three day shipping and free e returns if you are an Amazon Prime member. It's at the top of the page.

And for a website I visit more regularly like woot.com, a daily specials website that offers free shipping to Prime members, charges that range from $ 5.95 to $ 11, depending on the product and offering.

And your savings can add up really quickly if you're a Prime member. Wow, those abs are really intense. It's like a pack of 12 minus a pack of 12 and I'll be working on it at some point, hopefully in the next few years.

Speaking of food, before I get to freebies, Amazon Prime membership benefit number five is tied to Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh was previously $ 15 a month, so you can skip the long lines when shopping by shopping online and choosing a delivery window that's convenient for you. As long as you hit the minimum order value of $ 50, you will get free shipping.

And I'm especially happy with this Prime membership change because I'm paying $ 15 a month just to use a grocery service that i My own minimum was really annoying to me. And I'm glad they got rid of that. If you noticed, I was a little angry when I passed prime perk number five.

When I'm on a funk, sad or angry, one of the only things that makes me happy other than bubble tea is a giveaway. So for perks number six and seven on this list, I'll explore freebies and then we'll get into the television channels that are on offer, which I think are wonderful. If you're not already aware that as part of Prime Benefit number six, Amazon has launched Amazon's First Reads program for 2021.

And Prime members can choose a free Kindle book each month, which is an incredible perk. The savings add up quickly. Many of these books are priced at $ 4.99 or $ 9.99.

The ones I have right now are usually $ 4.99. As a Prime member, you can therefore receive a freely selectable, trendy or very popular award-winning book free of charge.

For fellow parents out there like me. I've noticed that the children's picture books that are significantly higher than $ 4.99 are also free for Prime members on this list.

My two year old loves many of the picture books I show her on this list. So, if you are a parent or just an adult who really loves kids or picture books, you are covered. I should also note that the Original Amazon Stories, their new short reads, are now free with Prime too, and that's new for 2021 and a fantastic perk.

Before I get to television and Prime Video, perk number seven is tied to magazines, and that area started just a few weeks ago, where Prime members can get a four-month subscription to print magazines for 99 cents. This is great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a suspender belt, an anniversary when you are feeling really cheap The beauty of this gift is that you can actually go to a grocery store, grab a magazine, put a bow on it. So you can actually give someone the physical gift and indicate on the card that the half-yearly subscription is on the way.

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I only spent a dollar in eighth place, a great way to save on your favorite TV stations and a 30 day free area in particular that I think everyone should know about. So now I'm going to open my Prime article collection for an extended period of time with everyone at home. The kids are back from college.

Your family vacation isn't nearly as exciting as you imagined it to be. And you want to take advantage of the streaming that comes with your Prime membership. Not only does your Prime membership give you access to over half a million award-winning movies and TV shows on Prime Video, which competes with Netflix.

And you can think about whether or not you think Prime articles are good or better or much worse in the comments section, the important thing to note is that you can independently subscribe to your favorite TV channels through Prime by bypassing your cable or satellite provider. Especially good when you've cut the cable. But that's not the giveaway.

As a Prime member, Amazon actually gave me access to networks that I didn't know I subscribed to, completely free. So if you're looking at MGM right here, oh, 'no-brainer

Why is my prime video not working on my fire stick?

Press and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons at the same time for about five seconds. Or, From the main screen of your Fire TV, go to Settings. Then go to Device. Alternatively, you can unplug the power cord from the device, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in.

Hey Youtuber, in this article I'm going to show you how to use your STB emu information on Tivimate, for those of you who don't know what that means, don't worry, I'll show you and take it step by step so you can notice it in all my articles I use STB Emu Pro I use that on my fire stick you won't be a runner anymore I personally don't really use this app anymore because I feel like it's a little antiquated if you do A remote control is hard to set favorites so I'm going to show you how to set them up.

So you want to go to your remote and hold the ok button and then go to the settings that you have. to go to your profiles you will have your profile out here, so choose STB configuration this is how you will also find your mac address, so the mac address well oh yes first always delete the serial number first and then go to the mac address should be on it point out so erase the serial number go to your mac address write that down, go to your portal url and uh, you know just copy that, write it down so you can fix it on tivimate so let's go to the tv -Go main screen I downloaded and if you don't have it I have other articles on how to set that up you are going to add playlist now instead of extreme codes you will go to the stalker portal, enter the server address that was originally the portal -URL you are using for this now. I got all the info and signed up on a website called Stick Subs Okay if you want all of this you can just go to FIRESTICKSUBS.com or just use whatever you have but for those of you who have nothing , FIRESTICKSUBS.com is where I got that so now I am Enter the portal url, yours might be different if you got it from another website great put it in here and now we will Change Mac Address This is the generic Mac address that you will enter the STB-Emu-Mac Address which always starts with 00: 1A: 79, now ko You can also generate your own Mac address, just make it make sure it starts with 00: 1A: 79 and a combination of numbers and letters.

uninstall tablet drivers

The numbers can be anywhere from a to f. Then we go to the next one and assuming everything is set up and working you should be fine by now I've tested on several, not all of them work but for the most part a lot of them work, it's just a trial and error all right, so let's see it loaded that's great, I usually change the names so I'm going to change it because these are Fire Stick Subs. I got it from firesticksubs.com.

I'm just going to put this name in so I know where I got it or I know what the service is called and yes it will show you how to use the remote now I like that better because you can actually add favorites to it more customizable The system is much faster I find it moves very smoothly as you can see when I take this article 60 frames per second so it's really intuitive now this is how it looks I recommend getting the premium version, so you go to the settings unlock premium you need to have an account again this works on fire stick and nvidia shield you see i have a lot of different stuff available and i have it registered already registered so it looks gives you the canada preview i am Jerry d we have a great show for you today you can see how big the lake is i mean you really can't see the end it gives you more options because of how I actually did, that was her dream, that was her dream that she had had for a long time but bianca who is also on the track team said some people believed she was setting the bar too high for that her disability would be too much of a hurdle to overcome. But the girl who never saw well and who made a Harvard pillow for an eighth grade project had a vision that even when I was little everyone would be like okay what about other than Harvard and I would be like no Harvard-Harvard is it that Harvard is number one? two three for five and i told my mom when i get on i walk like you can't tell me no and now she is the first oyster, you can see all the available categories of trains running on the tracks in the yard Parked until they were, um, so you could see the agency has multiple lines that bring commuters and visitors all over San Jose. I think it just looks better.

is what I personally use, what I use on both my Fire Stick and Nvidia Shield here in San Jose and California have more updates as they become available. Compare it to, when it comes here we will try it to see how slowly it all loads fresh cheesy bread you can't see all of the categories You can't see all of the tv guides but I think it is much easier for those who are new so i show this in my articles and we have chevrolet cars out here is STB Emu Pro on my Firestic kdried or the fresh i agree this is tv mate on my Fire Stick so see You make the difference that's why I personally use tv myself when you use M3U, usually this is for M3U, but also for those who have previously received a Mac activation and they want to switch it on and off for any information I leave left in the description and I hope you enjoy this article may you come comment and subscribe to the channel thanks for watching folks Honest Fred and I am reporting with almost 700 miles of coastline there are just so many different

How do I fix the HTTP proxy error on Amazon Prime?

Go to Amazon Prime Video and open the content you want to watch. This should now be unblocked, with no HTTP proxy error. If you are still coming up against the HTTP proxy error, try clearing your browser's cookies. Alternatively, try another server or contact your VPN's customer support.

Hi Thomas here.

Today we're going to discuss how to fix an issue where your Mac won't load certain websites. We have five different fixes planned for today, so stay tuned. Okay, we're going to go through five solutions in detail.

If one doesn't work, there are several more to try and I invite you to re-watch the parts of the article that I may be doing too quickly for you. I apologize for this in advance. So let's get started, and before we start, you should also make sure that your adblocker or antivirus software (e.g.

Norton, BitDefender, etc) is not causing the problem.It's not causing the problems, just disabling it and trying to open a website that you are having trouble with. Okay let's get started Number one: the first step is to click on the Apple logo (top left corner) then click on System Preferences and once it opens click on Network.

Now on the Wi-Fi tab (left tab) click on Advanced and now we need to look for a couple of things. First, make sure that Configure IPv6 is disabled. Next, we're going to renew the DHCP lease to simply reset your connection to the network.

Now click on the Hardware tab and make sure the configuration is set to automatic. Ok, if that didn't work for you, let's move on to the second method. Number two open the terminal and in the terminal run the following command networksetup - setv6off Wi-Fi.

error code 0x8008005

Remember that the description also says to copy and paste you which I recommend you as it won't work if you make a typo. This command should override any settings that interfere with setting your IPv6 to OFF. If that didn't work for you, let's move on to number three.

Okay, this method is a little more complicated now. In the menu bar for the Finder, tap Go at the top and as soon as you tap Go, a drop-down menu opens which is a tap on Folder. An alternative to all of this is to type the following command: command + shift + G Anyway, it will open a window where you type / etc / hosts.

Now open the hosts file with TextEdit and I invite you to pause the article now to make sure everything looks exactly like mine. If it doesn't look like mine, click on the article titled 'Hosts Fix' in the description as this is a little more involved and is likely your problem. Okay, number four.

To do this, we will generally delete our Safari data, i.e. open Safari and click on Safari at the top Now click on Settings Now click on the data protection tab and click on 'Manage website data'.

Click on 'Remove All' below once it loads, and when you see the pop-up just click on 'Remove Now'. This will now erase all of your Safari data and possibly fix the problem. If it doesn't, we have number 5.

So for this final solution, we're going to make sure all of your web proxies are turned off, so click on Applelogo and click on System Preferences, then click on Network and open the Wi-Fi tab Click Advanced and open the Proxies tab. Make sure everything under 'Select protocol to configure' is unchecked. Ok everyone, that's basically it for today, if none of these fixes work for you I have included an apple link in the description for you to get help from them or you can also comment on what your problem is and as well maybe you need a more specific solution, but i reply to comments and i will try to help you.

So thanks for watching, if this helped you, please leave a like or comment or subscribe to some of these.

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