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Error code 0x8e5e0247 - practical solution

How do I fix error code 80072F8F?

How to fix Windows Phone Error 80072F8F:
  1. In the App list, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Date & time (or Time & language on a Windows 10 Phone).
  3. Turn off the Set automatically option for Date, Time & Time zone.
  4. Tap Time zone, and then set the time zone you want.
  5. Tap Date to choose the date, and then tap Done.

We will demonstrate different ways in which we can download patches directly for Microsoft servers. These patches are available once a month and are released by Microsoft for free every second Tuesday of the month Environment in the Windows infrastructure while you keep Windows updates and patches in your environment. It is highly recommended that before deploying to a production environment, you want to test in a lab environment that you may be able to disrupt your production applications if you run the patches without testing.

So make sure you test in a lab beforehand. The first method you can use to update Windows is to use the Server Manager console, basically just go to a local server and then go By default, you go to the Windows Update link. There it says that updates will not be installed automatically you click this link, you have the drop down menu This menu gives you an option will have several different options to choose from Install updates automatically Download recommended updates Let me choose if they will be installed supposed to check for updates but let me choose to download and install them Never check for updates Not recommended Personally I would check for updates but let me choose if I want to download and install them normally I don't want updates downloaded or installed without my knowledge I definitely don't want them to be installed automatically and then risk rebooting or taking the risk or accidentally interrupting production applications without testing the other recommended updates Microsoft Update checkbox I choose I don't usually choose I usually ignore them then I go ahead and click OK once I click OK Check for updates and this can take some time depending on how many updates are outside so you will be able to do so as soon as this is complete, you will receive a dialog box with a list of updates.

You can choose which updates to choose, which are optional updates, and which recommended or required updates, also known as critical updates, all by checking the box next to the name column, select all and click Install. Once you click Install, these updates will be downloaded and then the updates will be installed after the updates have been installed, it will give you the option to restart.You can restart this manually by clicking the restart button.

Once that happens, your PC will restart and it will say something on the line of working on updates.If you do this, you have a corrupted operating system, you are risking the potential for data loss so you definitely don't want to kill anything while you're running it The updates may require you to do multiple reboots and if so, just let it be sit back and just wait.You can also use the Control Panel to run Windows Updates, where you can find the word Update in the search bar at the top right corner and then click Windows Update.

You can just check for updates. Once you get to that point, you have the option to download any optional or critical updates that you would choose the ones you want to install and download, and from then on you would just hit download and it would be your operating system for installation Prepare the updates. It would download the updates, then install the updates, then give you the option to restart

How do I fix error 0x800b0003?

How to Fix the Windows Error Code 0x800b0003
  1. Update the Drivers on Your Computer.
  2. Disable Your Antivirus Software Temporarily.
  3. Launch Windows in Safe Mode.
  4. System Restore.
  5. Scan Your Computer with an Anti-Virus Program.

The latest Windows 10 feature update was released by Microsoft, it is known as the May update, very original, also known as version 21H1, so 2021, first half of the year. Although Windows only receives one of these function updates twice a year, it turns out that this actually does not offer too many functions in terms of the functions in the front end. It looks like Microsoft has basically postponed most of the planned features that were pretty important and moved them to 21H2, so the next one that will likely be in the fall.

And from what I've seen, they seem to be mostly focused on the core experience, they said, as well as stability and bug fixes. So there are still some decent additions left, it's just more stuff in the back end, but we'll go through it all anyway. Let me go through a few notes on actually getting the update first, and then let's get into the actual features.

microsoft paint rotate

You can check the timestamps in the description if you'd like to go straight into it. Of course, as always, I want to briefly address my hilarious Instagram account. Again, if you have a heart condition, you can die of laughter.

So be careful if you continue there. I usually just post memes and the like, it's just @ThioJoe, check it out. This update seems to be slowly rolling out to users at random over the next few weeks, so you might not necessarily see it in the Windows Update that is popping up right now, but you can get it manually.

I'll talk about that in a moment. When it comes up, you'll see a section that mentions it as an optional feature update, and you'll also see the option to download and install it. Again, this is completely optional so you don't have to worry about delaying updates or anything like that, you can still keep everything else updated and just not click the download install if you don't want to.

If you don't see the instant download option in the update menu, but you still want it, there are several options. The easiest and fastest way would be to download the activation package from the Microsoft website. I will include this link in the description.

Because there are so few major updates in this new version, it actually uses the same core files as the two previous major feature updates. So Microsoft actually downloaded a lot of features in preparation for this 21H1. In previous updates that you downloaded a few months earlier and they just dormant.

All you have to do is download this activation package and it won't take long. You download it and then run it and it just activates the features that have already been downloaded. So it's really quick, you just reboot and there it is.

A quick note: if you download this, Chrome won't like it as it isn't an HTTPS download, although it doesn't really matter. It's safe, it's straight from Microsoft. Just right click and hit 'save link as'.

Then you will be warned that it is not a safe download. However, you can just ignore it and keep it. And then it will be downloaded anyway.

And like I said, then just run it and then reboot and you have 21H1. Even though on one of my computers that it wasn't immediately installed it only got the Download and Install option enabled in Windows Update, so be aware of that. The other option, which takes a lot longer, is to download Microsoft's Update Assistant.

As far as I know, it basically iterates and replaces all Windows files, including those that were only marginally changed for this new update. However, this will likely take an hour or two. So it's not really necessary.

And by the way, there is the new ISO for this Windows version. So if you have rescue discs, now may not be a bad time to download the new ISO and update the rescue discs. All right So now we can look at the new features and changes.

Basically, when you go to Microsoft's website there are just a few big changes that they even mention as new features. And they all have to do with remote working in some way, because that's obviously a big part of what we're up against now. First, Windows Hello now has support for multiple cameras.

So if you have a laptop or other computer with an internal camera, but then also bought an external camera, you can now set the external camera as the default, which wasn't possible before, but now you can. The next update that keeps coming up is that Windows Defender Application Guard's performance has improved. Basically, this is the security program in Windows that looks for exploits and the like.

Apparently it has now been improved and specially optimized for various documents that the program may open and scan, and now it just works better. So, if your organization has implemented a policy that is very aggressive scanning, you may have better performance on your computer. The third change that I honestly didn't really understand, but they've mentioned it over and over again in a number of blog posts so I think it's important, is the Windows Management Instrumentation or WMI Group Policy Service update performance.

That sounds like a bunch of technobabble now, I know. As I understand it, an organization can use Group Policy to define various policies that apply to all computers in an organization. So if you have a work laptop or something similar and want to change this policy, it will update faster.

So this could make it easier for companies to manage remote workers and the like. So, if they want to remotely update something on your computer, they can do it faster. I don't know something like that.

But even that is just my interpretation, it may not be entirely correct. Now there was also an article aimed at IT pros and they actually mentioned that Windows 21H1 has some security updates it looks like. It states that 21H1 will provide security updates to the Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Apps, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Office Media, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Cryptography and the Windows AI Platform, Windows Kernel, Windows Virtualization, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media.

So there seems to be a ton of security updates going on, which is pretty cool. It will all just run in the background, but still good enough. Now there is actually a pretty big new feature called the 'News and Interests' widget in the system tray.

Technically, however, it's not part of the 21H1 update. However, Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out it. Some of you who are upgrading Windows 21H1 may get this new feature.

I wanted to show you myself, but sadly all three computers I upgraded to don't have this new feature. So I just need to show you a couple of screenshots that I found. But basically it's this new widget in the system tray.

You can zoom out to see just a weather icon, or you can see more information, such as: B. the current weather as text. And then it will open up and show you all the possible information you want to choose.

Like stocks, financial news, regular news, sports results, even traffic, and other news headlines that you can choose from. And that actually seems pretty cool. So you can actually adjust it a little with the so-called Interest Manager.

So you can basically choose which topics you want to see and which news sources you want to include or not include there. And if you think that's completely annoying, there's good news. You can easily turn it off by simply right clicking on the system tray, choosing the option for it and then clicking and it disappears.

Even if that's not technically part of the new update, it's kind of cool anyway. We could see this rollout. In fact, I believe that for some users it may even be introduced in previous updates.

You might even have it now before this update. I dont know. Back to the actual 21H1 update - there were a couple of other changes we can mention.

One small problem that may not apply to everyone is Windows Mixed Reality. So now apparently if you have a VR headset or whatever, you can set the headset to go to sleep after a certain amount of time. So if you have to plug it in all the time and want to put it on, it will sleep in the meantime.

Definitely won't apply to many people, but it is. And really, it seems like the rest of the changes I found were just a bunch of bug fixes, but there were a lot. And of course, if you look at this, I'm not going to read them all out.

Most of these will take place entirely behind the scenes. I don't even know what half of it does, but I assume it has fixed a lot of things that I hope will improve stability and reliability in general. There were a few of these that I actually noticed, and for example I noticed one that said it fixed an issue where NVMe drives might not go into proper power state.

I don't know what that error was, but who knows, if you may have had issues with your NVMe SSD, it may work better now. Another I saw said 'Screen rendering after opening games with certain hardware configurations.' Again, it's not very specific what 'certain hardware configurations' mean, but if games started behaving strangely, this may help.

Again, everyone else probably won't be of much interest to people, but if you want to read through the various bug fixes I'll put this link in the description as well. Now you may be wondering why this is? is such a small update and wait a minute, wasn't even the last update a little bit minor? Yes. Apparently Microsoft was planning on some key features again, but they moved it to the 21H2 update in the fall.

And this one is apparently going to be really damn big and significant. It's codenamed Sun Valley I think if you want to look that up. But basically it will have a redesigned user interface.

Maybe not completely redesigned, but with a fresh look. You could actually have some tweaks to stuff like HDR, apparently with Auto HDR where games that aren't natively HDR can look like HDR, like Xbox and a ton of other stuff that probably make more sense to me to talk about, though it is getting closer. But in any case, even if there haven't been many updates, at least now you know what's going on with this new update.

This will help you better understand whether or not you want to install it and how to do it. By the way, if I was missing features that you think I should have mentioned, let me know in the comments. I'll add a pinned comment on everything I've missed.

So look down there. If you want to keep watching, the next article I definitely recommend is one where I talked about how to create the ultimate boot USB where you can basically create a whole bunch of rescue USBs, all on one thing. So if your computer ever suffers a disaster, be well prepared.

I made this article. You can click on it directly there. Definitely useful.

Thanks for watching guys. And see you next.

How do I fix error code 80070436?

Fixing Windows Update 80070436 error
  1. click on Start;
  2. Open Settings by clicking on the Gears icon;
  3. go to the “Update and Security” section;
  4. go to the “Troubleshooting” tab;
  5. click on the item “Windows Update”;
  6. click the “Run the Troubleshooter” button;
  7. follow the instructions that appear in the tool window.

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