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Error code 0x8007274d - how to solve

What does Error Code 0x8019019a mean?

“Something went wrong, we're sorry but we weren't able to do that”. Simply put, error 0x8019019a on Windows 10 Mail app mostly occurs when you try to sign in to your Yahoo mail or try to add the email client. Many users mostly reported this error after a Windows update or password change.

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Hello everybody! Welcome to the Muradi tutorial YouTube channel.

Today I'm going to show you how to fix the error that is preventing you from adding a Yahoo email with the pop-up message that something went wrong. We couldn't log into the incoming POP or IMAP server or something similar log Outlook errors like this one If you want to add a Gmail to Outlook, you can go to the Muradi tutorial YouTube channel, click on the articles and find Now let's start configuring a Yahoo email in Outlook To start configuring a Yahoo email in Outlook. You need to open Outlook and then go to the FileAdd account.

Write your email. My email is azizullah_muradi@yahoo.com click connect click the pop option in the incoming mailbox write pop.mail.yahoo. com Write down on port 995 on the outgoing mail server click on the box and write smtp.mail.yahoo.com on port write down 4 6 5 here don't forget to check the box and I'll click on next.

Enter your password connect, here it asks you to re-enter the password Maybe I entered the wrong password OK, if you see this time click Change account settings on the outgoing mail server on port 587 click Next click Connect If you do You will need to re-enter the password while you are 100% sure that you entered the password correctly so that you need to cancel Change Account Settings Click Back When you see that I have already provided my email address but the connect button is greyed out you need to rewrite your email address, if it still doesn't work the connect button is greyed out that means you have some email addresses on the list, choose one of them and again you have to select the email address you want to configure so you will see the button he to connect is activated now click on connect this time select the IMAP on the incoming e-mail write imap.mail.yahoo.com on the port write 993 from here encryption method select SSL / TLS on the outgoing Write down e-mail to smtp.mail.yahoo.com on port 465 Select SSL or TLS Click Next Enter your password Click Connectokay there it is again error Click Change Account Settings this time put 587 and click nextconnects so i still see there is an error went wrong means nothing works but don't worry i still have a solution to try the last option that should work i want to try it on the popup server so I click Change Account Settings I want to select POP instead of IMAP Click go back now I can't go to advanced setup because that's Connect button is greyed out and sometimes you can't go to the advanced setup page even if you change the emails in the list we created here earlier.

You'll need to check the box if I want to set up my account manually, you can go to the advanced setup. This is something I wanted to show you how to solve. So I want to use the last method on the POP option, dumping and resolving IMAP to POP to counter this, if you want to use the last method on the IMAP option, that's all.

Okay, you can go ahead, so I'll hit the advanced options drop-down button and tick Let me set up my account manually so I can change it Here I choose POP I'll enter my password so I can post the Password is asked I click on Cancel Change account settings We are in the POP account settings, so yes POP mail yahoo.com 995. This is also a tick and the outgoing server is smtp.mail.yahoo .com 465 it is ok I click on next my password is there.

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From here you can check if your password is correct or not, hit Connect so I'll hit Cancel here. Guys! If you've tried all the options and can't configure your Yahoo email in Outlook, you need to keep this page here and go to any browser Sign in to your Yahoo account I go to Chrome browser I already have mine Account logged in azizullah_muradi @ yahoo.com You have to click on Info, Account Info then click on Account Security Here you have to log in again It will ask for your password Click on Next Enter your password Click on Next You are now here on Account Security, You scroll down if you see here there is an option to generate an app password click here to select your app click the drop down list and choose Outlook desktop I choose it because I use the Yahoo! - Configure mail in my desktop Outlook If yours is different, you can select any other app you are looking for by clicking Generate is Your App Pass here word for Outlook on the desktop you copy this password click on Done save password somewhere you shouldn't forget it go to Outlook click on the set click on continue here insert the password I have pasted the password and click on connect You see people, we're done If you want to add another email you can do so, otherwise click Done scroll down and find the email address you added yes here I added the azizullah_muradi @ yahoo .com click on unbox which is empty so it comes, if it still doesn't come go to send and receive.

Click Send or Receive All Folders You will see people coming in emails, if you have any questions you can write in the comments section of this article. I will answer your question right away or find a solution for you, if you still have not signed up to my channel please subscribe to my channel and like the article thank you very much and goodbye!

What is error code ox8000000b?

Error Code 0x8000000b something went wrong Mail and Calendar App Windows 10. Error Code 0x8000000b may occur for several factors such as incorrect credentials, email server issue or unstable internet connection. Furthermore, faulty anti-virus and disabled POP & IMAP settings can cause the same.

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How to fix the issue reported by " error code 0x8007274d "?

The following steps may fix the 0x8007274d issue: 1 Download the application See more information about Outbyte uninstall instructions EULA Privacy Policy 2 Install and launch the application 3 Click the Scan Now button to detect issues and abnormalities 4 Click the Repair All button to fix the issues

What is error 0x80072726 on Windows 10?

Error code 0x8007274c and 0x80072726. The average computer user certainly needs to be able to send and receive Emails, and seeing as though the Mail app is a pretty handy Email client at the disposal of all Windows 8/8.1 and 10 users, this issue is of the utmost urgency.

How can I eliminate the error 0x800772f0d?

Error 0x80072F0D To eliminate this error you must install your server's certificate in your workstation's 'Trusted Root Certification Authorities' (It is also likely that you must be accessing the server using the name used in the certificate). Browse to any secure URL on your SME server and install the certificate as described above.

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