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Error code 0x80070780 - how to address

How do I fix error 0x80070780?

How to fix the 0x80070780 error?
  1. Switching from a User Account to an Admin Account.
  2. Scanning Your System Files.
  3. Clean Booting Windows.
  4. Running a Chkdsk Scan.
  5. Making Sure the Volume Shadow Copy Service Is On.
  6. Selecting the Clean Up Option for System Restore and Shadow Copies.

How do you fix this file Cannot be accessed by the system?

How to fix “The file cannot be accessed by the system”?
  1. Click Start, go to All Programs > Accessories, and right-click Command Prompt, then click Run as administrator.
  2. The command prompt, type the command “sfc /scannow” and then press Enter to continue.

Hello we are getting some requests regarding permissions to files and folders and things that are greyed out and not modifiable, especially this generally happens when it is a folder that is either a system folder or a folder or file, that belongs to another user or the trusted installer or system etc.

Let's take an example, we received a request for the system 32 which is in the windows directory, okay, how do we actually change the permissions because you are here on changepermissions click. It just turns gray and that's the end. Okay the simple answer is that you have to change ownership for yourself first, if you don't know your username go there and then type power show okay and then run it as admin windows ninja okum so basically taken there, but that has to be done very, very temporarily, so Windows ninja checks the names that it is I think we're ok, now it was a trustworthy installer before ok, shouldn't we say keep it as a windows ninja or Your own username ok it will cause a lot of problems as most of these system folders and files have to be in their original ownership, however, for whatever reason it is as a temporary change that needs to be made ok click on that click apply ok it will go through all ok and hopefully if this is done soon ok that's ok click ok basically what it says is that you have to close these windows and then you can open them again en okay now if I want okay I can change the permissions I can activate the inheritance Disable inheritance everything is okay, let's take the Trustedinstaller for example Edit You see permissions can now be changed okay now the most important thing you have to remember okay it will be cleaned up before you finish okay you don't want to restart your computer with your username as owner especially in the asystem32 folder ok it won't cause a problem so before you shut it down make sure you go back and k for the trustsin solar it is an empty room service and that backslash trusted install look that finds it click ok again replace owner for all the contents you can see it's back to how it was originally, tim mission is just going great.

Hopefully that helped, thanks for watching

How do you delete a file that says it Cannot be accessed?

Scenario 1: Error encounter while accessing files
  1. Go to This PC and then right-click your hard drive.
  2. Under the list of options, select Properties.
  3. Click the General tab and then select Disk Cleanup.
  4. Select the files you want to delete, and then click OK.

Hello, this is Pnau again and today we will see how to inspect a browser with the inspect element option, but first what exactly is inspectelement and then we look at every webpage on the surface all we see is a bunch of text with images and articles right below that it was created by HTMLCSS and JavaScript code and inspectelement is a tool that now allows the user to interact with that code.

The important question here is why should the average user bother inspecting Element, what I want to say, is it understandable if you are a web developer and then use it? Inspect event but how would the average user benefit if you know how to use inspect element properly you can do pretty nice things with it and we are going to see five of them in this article so without further ado, if you can see it, can you download it now, what i want to say, if you can see a picture or article, you can probably download it to your s ystem even if the webmaster does the whole thing you take that for example let's say twitter say i want the cover photo Now download from this twitter profile as always, there is no direct option here so I right click on the cover photo and then select the inspectelement option, you will see a new window that pops up from the bottom of the screen is opened. Go to the Items tab and look for the Div that led pictures and there you will find the surfer link of the pictures. Just copy and paste it to a new tab and there you will see your download options also use this option to download articles where there is no option, for example we take Instagram, so as you know this is an official way to download articles for Instagram, but you can easily do this using the item option.

Let me show you how to right click on the article you want to download and then choose the Inspect Element option like in the previous case, a new window will open from the bottom of the screen and move around in the Elements tab the cur so that the article is highlighted and then expand the div and then we find the download link copy it to a new tab and there you will see the article in full resolution now. All you have to do is right click it and there is a download option right there. One is the most popular use of inspect element and I'm pretty sure most of you already know, but this one Click is so useful that it should be mentioned again.

Let's say you want to log into the Amazon mobile app but don't remember the password but luckily it's stored in your browser password manager Now all the browser do, hide the password in dots, you can easily do it with the inspect -Check Item Just right click on the password field and select inspect-item scroll the item until you see the package fee highlighted, then open the div tag and under it enter type Replace the password with text now click on the webpage and your password is visible in the clear pretty cool now on a related note if you are with goon you can also go to password google.com from any device Sign in with your google account and there you will see all of these Secure Password Yes Google knows a lot about you Now I don't mind paying for the quality content. However, it is a good way to support the author.

Sometimes things can be a little exaggerated, for example if we take this article on Financial Times, unfortunately it is practically affordable, if we only read one article then it makes no sense for the whole Month to pay so here is what you can do and right click and select Element now go to the Element tab and click the cursor icon and then place the cursor on the Powerbox, now go to the inspect element and delete the highlighted part and that is, but wait, we will see more content. Why is this so good because bigger websites are smart enough? so as not to render the content of the webpage but most of the websites on the internet that use this popup are not that smart and they don't have the resources like financial times so this trick will work there too, for example you might have pages like seen these on which the author asked to negotiate the article if you want to read the entire post while in such cases you can just use this trick. Just right click on it, select the pop-up and delete it, and in some cases, there are also transparent layers that keep you from highlighting and deleting Plagues and you have the contents right in front of you .

Now there is a practical use to this trick other than playing a prank on your friends, but it can also show you why you shouldn't trust any screenshot you find on the internet, for example, let's say I want this Wikipedia page edit so i just have to open the developer tool then go to the console and paste from a command i will also paste it in the description of this article now close the window and you can write anything you want here you can even put the pictures and replace the article so you can see that is why you shouldn't blindly trust any ny screenshot you see on the internet I know a lot of people who use this trick to change their results. Now attach on university websites The previous trick only applies to the webpage you see on the screen, once you refresh your page the changes will be gone, but there is a practical implementation of implementation this trick will let me show you how . So let's say I am writing a post on WordPress and I made the same misspelling throughout the post.

This is only an example. In your case it could be an email you are typing in manually now, editing this is not an option yes I can copy a document into a word processor and then use the Find and Replace option, but then my formatting gets messed up and here the console of the control comes into the picture once you get it copy it to your clipboard, now go to the console tab and enter standard income and i will leave it in this the description of this article now also replace that with here the one you copied and replace the before and after text with the text you want to replace in tanta and as you can see all the words are now replaced as most editors have auto-save functionality, this will automatically saved on the server, too. By the way, this is also a common method of hackers breaking into the server, so here you are If you've learned something new today then give this article a thumbs up, even if you have a article request, let me know in the comments section below and yes in case you haven't realized I have a new schedule on the hard drive I will publish new articles every second Saturday so if you have not yet subscribed to this channel, please do so now until the next time that Pinal unsubscribes and, as always, thank you for watching

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