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Error code 0x800700aa - how to decide

What is 0x800700aa error?

The error code 0x800700aa is usually being caused by a misconfigured system files in the Windows operating system. Since you've already run the SFC scan and found out that there are corrupted files, we suggest running DISM to try to repair the affected files to resolve the issue.

onedrive isn't connected

oo creating a greeting to everyone who sees the article right now, welcomes them to your favorite channel.

I will already show you in this article tutorial I will help you fix the error 0x800 700 aa that appears in the shop windows for it I will work on three possible solutions so I invite you to stay and that to watch entire article we are going to go to the windows search engine here and we will write the following wv s reczek ok then we click here right click as administrator then it will appear to us this way and we will say yes then we hope it takes effect on our computer and it will automatically start automatically the Windows Store will restart as we see it at this moment then we hope that we will wait and as we see that the problem has been solved here if it does not work that way because we close it there then we go. To do the following, let's go back to the windows search engine in the windows search engine we will app cations and eige Write nets of applications and features that we can see now, and at the end we move up and then select them We wait for all the options to load and automatically all the programs that we have installed on our computer will appear. We go all the way down until it says microsoftstore ok we will select it we click with the left mouse button and give it the advanced options we hope it loads then we will give it here where it says reset then we will give it again where there is reset here says as we see is loading we hope the application will take effect let's wait a few seconds so we have to be a little patient then it will be reset while this ends this icon will show you see here, then we close there and run the application again and we will see that the problem is solved, if it is not solved in this way, we go to the search engine de windows and we will write the following or web ok power cel then it will appear here windows power chewe right click very important run as administrator then we see a warning we say yes and a window will open open like what we are currently seeing, then we go to the description of the article under the article I will leave a command that is here, then we select it we then copy it up here we right click Edit Paste We give Enter and hope it will take effect on your computer.

See here how we see that they do the whole operation ok they saw what it looks like, then we leave a few seconds from there, when the very important process is complete we have to restart the computer and enter the application again and we will see that the problem is resolved. We hope you remember to wait about 12 minutes and that's it, good friends, I hope this article helped you, please before comment if it worked for you it didn't work for you as I did would help a lot to continue with this type of article share it with your friends on your social networks either on facebook twitter and it's on another social network so i say goodbye to you see you lat um

What does it mean when it says the requested resource is in use?

The issue “the requested resource is in use” is generally caused by the Trojan virus or malware. These foreign bodies cause some programs or software to malfunction while saving or working on these programs on the computer.

How's everyone doing, I'm ThioJoe, and today we're taking a look at 11 settings in Google Chrome that you should probably change.

These can be things you want to turn off or cool things that are turned off by default that you want to turn on. Now I'm using version 63 of Chrome which is actually the current beta version. If you later watch this article or don't use the beta version, it might look a little different, so don't be surprised.

I think you will find these interesting, and also subscribe to more such articles and enable notifications by clicking the bell, or YouTube will not show you my new articles even if you have a subscription because the YouTube algorithm is on steaming dumpster fire. Anyway, let's get started. To start, we have one feature that I last checked is on by default that you'll probably want to turn off.

Click on Advanced, then look under System for the option 'Continuerunning background ap.' ps if Google Chrome closes, 'I don't know about you, but when I close Google Chrome I expect it to actually close with no apps running in the background that I have no idea about. I really mean what? Do I want to keep browser apps running even if I don't even use the browser? So yes, I would disable that for you and save some system resources.

Okay, number two, that's on the settings page too, but this time under Privacy and Security. Look for the setting 'Automatically send system information and page content to Google to detect dangerous apps and websites'. This is disabled by default, but personally I think it's actually worth enabling.

If you are very privacy conscious you don't have to, but there are so many malicious websites out there that if more people turn this setting on, you will benefit from it in the future - Chrome is more likely to detect a new malicious website you visit, too if it hasn't been scanned already. Okay. Now all the rest of the settings we'll be going through are in a hidden settings menu called the Chrome Flags menu.

Getting there is really easy, you just go to the url bar and type in chrome: // flags and hit type. It will warn you that these are experimental features. So, it's best not to turn features on and off randomly without knowing what they're doing.

So for number 3, you're looking for a setting called 'Show Saved Copies Button'. You can either search for it at the top or press Ctrl + F and enter there you can load a cached version of a website if that website either fails to load or you are currently offline. To enable them, go to the dropdown and select 'primary'.

bcdedit access denied

That way, you can at least look at an earlier version of the website even if it's not live, which could still be helpful. If this is checked, this failed page load, you will see a button to load the saved copy. If you're wondering what the secondary option means, it just changes whether the Load a Copy button is on the left or on the right so it doesn't matter, next number 4, this one is really great, it's called 'Parallel Downloading'.

So look for this one and enable it. This allows Chrome to use multiple download threads to speed up the download of a file Limiting the speed at which you can download a file, Chrome can basically download multiple parts of that file in parallel, reducing the download speed to a fraction can. There isn't really a lot of documentation on this feature so I'm not sure how well it works, and if it does every time, but I don't see any reason not to enable it unless you're having problems or something.

By the way, there are extensions that can do this too, I won't go into them because it's beyond the scope of this article, but you can look them up. Make them redundant and work without extensions. For number 5, look for a setting called 'Smooth Scrolling'.

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