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Btrll.com certificate error - possible solutions

What is Btrll com?

BTRLL stands for Brightroll which is the advertisement firm for Yahoo and many others. It uses script in their ads to store files that are able detect what sites you have went to and will go to and reports it back in real time to change what ads are shown to you.

Hello, and welcome to the MATLAB Helper series on Stock Market with MATLAB.

In this series we will have a number of episodes explaining how we can design an interactive stock market application that takes both historical and real-time stock market data from the Yahoo Finance website and displays it in the app designer in MATLAB. I greet you all in these series and hope to see you all in the next few episodesWelcome to the first episode of the series of Exchanges with MATLAB. In this episode we are going to discuss how we can get historical stock market data from the Yahoo Finance website so that you can see on my screen that I have MATLAB open and we are using MATLAB to actually get the Yahoo Finance website page source into MATLAB to fetch and store in a variable so that we can get started in the Yahoo Finance webpage first and understand where exactly the data is organized and placed in the page source for that website, so now I start Google Chrome and we can then view it the page source I'm using Google Chrome from because GoogleChrome actually allows us to view the entire page source in a very elegant format and that eases the time it takes to actually find the place where the data is in that one Page source are So Music for YahooFinance from the search tab and we found the very first links to one you are looking for so now we have the home page for the yahoo finance website and since we are only interested in the data for specific companies what we do is we are looking for a company on the website in the search bar here, let's say for example us we are interested in the Applecompany stock price we are looking for the type of Apple here and then click on Apple so you can see that we have the stock price of a stock data for the Apple company here and apart from that we will have a lot of other data on the website from a summary to historical data of the conversation statistics and so on and so on, since we are only interested in getting the historical data from this website for certain companies for the time being what we are going to do is here in go to the historical data section and see what is displayed, so what we see here on the left is actually February 16th ar 2018 from February 16, 2019 and also in terms of frequency we have few options here, either daily, weekly or monthly historical data, so that historical data can range from any time in the past to the date on which we are looking for it.

Other than that, check the url here is of the form in.finance.com and then quote and then AAPL, then history and then AAPL again, so let me just tell you what each part in this particular url means for this one certain sentence remains the same until the quote, no matter which company you open and which date you choose for the dates ie these four letters represent and the stock exchange symbol for the company since we were looking for Apple this name has changed to AAPL know AAPL stands for the stock symbol for the Apple company after that we have the history of the turnaround here the story refers to the fact that we looked for the historical data section and after that we have APL again, so we looked for the historical data in all of the data from Apple searched that are displayed on this webpage.

So let's just check how this url changes if we change the period or frequency change or anything else, so let's chain this period from February 16, 2016 to February 16, 2019. Okay, let's just make this frequency weekly and apply these changes as you will see the url has changed to the history question mark we have the same thing after that we have a few more terms so let me just explain what each of these terms mean. First we have free hour 1 now hour 1 here Referees on the start date here, which is February 16, 2016 and this start period is followed by a large number, which is actually the start date in Unix time format.

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Now we have the start date on the 6th in the format of February 16, 2016 here in the time peer area here. However, the URL always finds where the date is displayed in Unix time format. What is the Unix time format? The Unix time format is the time format that calculates the number of seconds that have elapsed after January 1, 1970, so it will always be a large number that doesn't make any instinctive sense after that large number we have period 2 which is that of represents the end date we chose, which in this case is February 16, 2019, and that long number is the date itself, which is February 16, 2019, so after that we have an interval and frequency and interval and frequency are the same for the Yahoo! -Website url and with an interval you notice that we are now referring to 1 week 1 week on 1 week and since we have chosen weekly always have 1 week as a value here, if we change this request to monthly, we will find that we here have 1 and more instead of 1 WK, which is a week away, otherwise nothing has changed on this url and even if we changed the company then the icon changes here ok, but if we have the data Leave unchanged here, the date does not change and even if the frequencies remain the same, the frequency does not change the company, then only these 4 letters, known as the ticker value, change and if you change the start period of a start date, it changes only this particular number and if you change the end date only this number will change otherwise if you change the frequency then these 2 then these two values ​​will change according to frequency and interval, so let's assume for now that we only have the dates for Apple Inc ePeriod that we selected and we then go to the page source to see where the data is stored in this table.

So let's just right click into the page source and go to the page source so we can open the page source because we want to find it where exactly in the page source is the data that corresponds to this table, now I'm just going to be the text size of my screen zoom in so you can see all of them properly, so it took me some time to go through that particular page source and figure out where exactly the data on this table was placed, but I can tell you right away that in the spelling of the historical store is a bit of long historical price memory we only have one match with this particular string and that's here and it's at the top end of this source page which is fine so find this after that particular historical price memory string and then after another string you will find that we have some values that start with date and a curly bracket e over here after that we have some other dates too, but that doesn't show up in the table, does it? We don't need to find a way that will allow us to extract or get the data from every single row that has a date in the page source and store it in a variable in MATLAB before we need to find a way simply extract the page source after the historical price memory string in the page source itself, so now we can go into MATLAB and see how we can do that by opening MATLAB. I'm going to create a first script and name it stockmarketokay so I'll open it up and let's start the code on the exchange by writing Close Everything so that the command window closes and clears the workspace as well as all the other windows we have open, so we use the webread function to actually read your page source from the Yahoo Finance website and store it in a variable. Let's say we want to store the webpage in a variable temp temp will be equal to the webread of the url, now we have to write the url in single quotes because it is a string value. will go into google chrome again and we just copy the entire url for now.

We are only interested in checking that we can actually read the page source code and transfer it into MATLAB. Okay, let's just run this code and see that it works, I'm just going to rename it to something more explicit, let's say, historical dates and nospaces. Let's just go over that again.

It may take some time to read the data and then store it in the variable temp variable named temp when I open this you will find that I have the entire page. Let me just increase this. Yeah, so I put this entire page source in an array to see if we could get the page source from the website we wanted just go to the how-finance page so it was at the top of the table and check that out first couple of lines i just copy them over to the command window here, just check we have what starts with doctype html html atomic class energy and then we won the dow dot mark, we won the performance and everything else.

So if I go ahead we will find that we all have this data that we were looking for. This confirms that we were actually able to get the Yahoo Finance page sauce into the temporary variable and then increase the screen size again after that, what we need to do is split the page source into the unimportant bit and the important bit which the important up the page was was for the stringhistoricalpricestore again go to chrome and look for the string and copy that line these particular strings and we will be using this in MATLAB shortly. What we are going to do is create another variable temp1 and use the 'strsplit' function to actually split the cell array or the page source stored in temp into two parts depending on that particular string value.

If I run this code you will notice that because one error here is the reason we misspelled the split function on it, so another one and that should work, yes, so intemp1, as you will see, we have two elements, the first contains the first half of the source code and the second element contains the part that contains the data from the table In the table on the right we are now only going to save the second part in temp 1 and remove the first part so that we can only have the part in temp1 that we actually need for the later coding, what we are going to do is temp1 equal to temp1 and then we will only save the second part in temp okay so that's just one more time it takes about 3 seconds to fetch the data and store it in the variable but it all depends on your internet connection and other things so it seems i have the correct temp1 here again okjust one this just this b determined linetemp1 ok I've run all of the code now, okay so now we only have the only element in temp1 and it only contains the data we actually want, okay so that's all we're going to cover in this particular episode In this episode we learned that we would analyze the page source of the Yahoo Finance website to find the location where we saved the historical data, and after that we learned how to get the data into MATLAB and in a variable saves, after that we also learned how to separate the unimportant part from the important part of the page source and store it in another variable so that in the next episode it will be discussed how we can extract the data from each row of the table and how we actually do the data can also store in a table variable so that's all of me.

How do I fix browser certificate errors?

How to Fix SSL Certificate Error
  1. Diagnose the problem with an online tool.
  2. Install an intermediate certificate on your web server.
  3. Generate a new Certificate Signing Request.
  4. Upgrade to a dedicated IP address.
  5. Get a wildcard SSL certificate.
  6. Change all URLS to HTTPS.
  7. Renew your SSL certificate.


In this article, we cover some common browser errors caused by incorrectly configured SSL / TLS certificates. Messages like 'your connection is not private' or 'warning: potential security risk ahead' can be frustrating for website owners who have gone the time and effort to secure their website with a certificate and are often easy to fix once you get you We'll look at four situations that can lead to browser trust issues: expired certificate, domain name doing Mismatched certificate, incomplete chain of trust, and revoked certificate. We'll be looking at these errors in a few popular desktop web browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

In particular, we use Chrome 85 and Firefox 80 on Windows 10 and Safari 13 on macOS 10.15.6 Catalina.

Note that if you are using the latest version of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser, the error messages are similar or identical when you see them in Google Chrome. Let's start with expired certificates. Every digital certificate has a fixed lifespan and should be replaced before it expires.

As of September 1, 2020, website certificates are limited to 398 days by browser policies, so no certificate issued after this date should have a longer lifespan than 398 days, and the lifespan of an individual certificate can be even shorter. you can expect warnings like these: Chrome shows the message 'Your connection is not private' and the error code 'NET_ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID' should check the date and time on your computer. Firefox displays an error message including 'The website is either configured incorrectly or your computer's clock is set to the wrong time.

Most likely the website's certificate has expired, preventing Firefox from securely connecting. ' If you click the 'Advanced' button, you will see the error code 'SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE'. Safari displays a warning that 'This connection is not private.' When you hit the 'View Details' button, you'll see a message that says 'Safari will warn you if a website has an expired certificate' and then tell you how long the certificate has expired.

You can easily fix an expired certificate by renewing the website certificate with your CA and installing the new certificate on the server. If you continue to see such errors even if the certificate expiration date is in the future, check the date and time settings on your computer. You will also get errors if the certificate presented by a web server does not contain a domain name that corresponds to the web page.

This seems obvious but can be a little tricky at times. For example, if your website's domain name is 'www.example.com', a certificate that contains only 'example.com' without the 'www' will cause these errors.

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Chrome's error code for a domain name mismatch is 'NET_ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID.'. . ' Clicking the 'Advanced' button will give you details on why the website's domain name does not match the certificate.

Firefox displays a general warning about a 'potential security risk'. When you hit the 'Advanced' button, you'll see a message that says' Websites use certificates to prove their identity. Firefox does not trust this site as it uses a certificate that is not valid for.

The certificate is only valid for the following domain name 'followed by a list of the domain names in the certificate. Firefox also displays the 'SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN' error code. Safari responds to a domain name mismatch with a general warning 'This connection is not private', to learn more, click 'View details' and view the certificate.

If the domain name does not match the certificate, the message 'Certificate name does not match what you entered' is displayed. The solution here is to ensure that when requesting a certificate from your CA, the Common Name and / or Subject Alternate Name listed on the certificate matches your website's domain name, including 'www' if applicable. Note that Basic and High Assurance Certificates from SSL.com contain www in addition to the base domain name.

If your web server does not have a complete chain of trust, including all required intermediate certificates, errors can occur. With most modern browsers and operating systems now caching intermediate certificates or implementing AIA polling, this problem can be difficult to diagnose. Your website may be configured incorrectly, but it appears to be working fine in your browser.

However, to ensure that your website is properly configured for all clients, including older clients, you should always verify that your certificate's chain of trust is complete. An easy way to check for missing intermediate certificates is to use an online tool like SSL Shopper's SSL Checker. Even if your site works fine in your own web browser, the online tool will alert you of an incomplete chain of trust, as well as a host of other possible misconfigurations.

For example, this website loaded without warnings in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but when we check it with the SSL checker we can see that an intermediate certificate is missing. To ensure compatibility across all browsers, make sure that a full chain of trust is installed on your website. For instructions on installing intermediate certificates, see the documentation for your server platform.

Note that the certificate download links for various server platforms on the SSL.com customer portal contain all of the intermediate certificates required for installation. Sometimes certificates need to be revoked before their scheduled expiration date due to key compromise or compliance issues.

If a revoked certificate is not replaced, error messages will appear in any web browser. When Chrome encounters a website with a revoked certificate, it displays the error code 'NET_ERROR_CERT_REVOKED'. Look for the 'SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE' error code in Firefox.

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In Safari, if you get the error message, 'This connection is not private', click the 'View details' button, and then click the link to view the certificate. Here you can see that the website certificate has been revoked. The solution for a revoked certificate is to generate and install a new website certificate with a new key pair that is chained to valid, publicly trusted root and intermediate certificates.

If you have purchased a certificate from SSL.com, you are entitled to unlimited new certificate keys and assurances for the life of your order. Thank you for watching and we hope this article has helped you decipher the sometimes cryptic error messages that browsers display when they encounter a misconfigured SSL / TLS installation.

For more information about ordering, installing, and troubleshooting digital certificates, see the SSL.com knowledge base at www.ssl.com/info.

Why do I keep getting certificate errors?

This often means that the security certificate was obtained or used fraudulently by the website. A website is using a certificate that was issued to a different web address. This can occur if a company owns several websites and uses the same certificate for multiple websites.

How can I fix a certificate error in Google Chrome?

To overcome the site’s security certificate errors, follow the below steps to import the certificate to your browser. Step 1. Open Google Chrome and tap on the vertical 3 dots and select Settings. Step 2. Reach the end of the window and select Advanced to expand the advanced settings of Chrome. Step 3.

How to deal with the website security certificate error?

In this post, MiniTool has listed multiple efficient methods for you. There is a chance that you may receive an error message stating that “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” when you try to access some websites, but how to deal with the website security certificate error?

How to fix certificate error in Windows 10?

1 Method 1: Remove the Problematic Windows Update. If you meet the websites certificate error after you updated your system, then the culprit of Windows 10 certification error could be a ... 2 Method 2: Check Your Computer Time and Date. 3 Method 3: Disable the Warn About Certificate Address Mismatch Option. 4 Bottom Line.

How can I Fix my certificate address mismatch?

Here Are 6 Solutions. Step 2: Set View by: Small icons, and then click Internet Options. Step 3: Go to the Advanced tab, and then locate the Security section. Find the Warn about certificate address mismatch option and uncheck the box next to it. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

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