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Ihome speaker driver - how to tackle

Why is my iHome speaker not working?

Resetting the Unit

If the unit is “frozen” or locks up, you may wish to reset it. To do so, turn the unit ON and press the end of paperclip or similar into the reset port on the back of the unit for less than 2 seconds to reset it without clearing Bluetooth settings. The unit will reset and power back on.

Oh what's up, all the classic game freaks here with a tech review of the ihome wireless bluetooth speaker that just bought this 2988 at Walmart for work purposes. They say we can't wear earphones to work, but we can still listen to music. What could be nicer than grabbing a bluetooth speaker and playing? on the right the selection wasn't very big because you didn't know a list of different items there was this and then there was one of cans with a Z 808 sound, which was also 2988, so i chose this one because it is rubberized with an explosive sound and apparently if you I can't turn it off, as you can see it's like that, I don't know what to call this but there is more bass there in the middle and you can turn it off for no reason, that's why I did Chose it now, the kind of rubberized end time onthe on the line about because it gets pretty oily at work i will do an oil pump of course your hands get oily dirty and rubber eyes are not the best so but let's open up this pup up let's see as it sounds, let's see if it's worth your $ 30.

This is as easy as it has to be yeah jumps up right away I love it when objects open up so easily, okay, so first off right away we have this speaker and as you can see it's like a spring so look here, it looks so i don't know if it's twisting or if it's just twisting i guess i will find out later anyway, for easy travel you know it looks like a stack of oreos or something does this strange noise can be heard that on the item itself it looks like we have an on and off switch and then bluetooth that maybe you can just connect directly to the phone ah you? I have your universal USB plug for charging and I am assuming I plug it into whatever for the sound and then you have the power light, whatever else is in the package let's find out how it packs are you got all the manuals and everything for it and it comes oh man Ilik e this because it's also the way the package is, this is really smart so you can fit all the wires into the boom that pops out and lo and behold there, BAM has the necessary wires with a Velcro that is even better, even better, so let's see if that thing turns on? at the moment don't know if it's complete then oh oh forget it now there is juice now we are on bluetooth i will work on pairing it with my phone and we will see it looks like it is ready to get paired okay so let's go to scan, just let us know that you probably can't see well me at home I bt60 looks like someone who is pairing blue all the time so let me have a look here and we will see that I already hear a sound which is great now for copyright purposes Obviously I will not play any copyrighted music I do not want this article to be reported so we are going to pull up YouTube and go to one of my favorites which is techno Wax, go I talk about it every time I post a article with music that I always have his music playing in the background and ingenious music free of genius that he makes to tell you that there is a passion for whom n he makes his music yes that's a plug-checkout his music If you want great music, let's go oh my god, nothing trembles that are 40 small ones in one, now I notice that when you get pretty much the whole volume is whole turned up, it's a bit static. I don't know if it's coming from the speaker itself, like it's just losing that quality and it's a little distorted. Let's try it a little Wow, I'm already impressed, it's like this, it has a base for it, sounds fantastic, this thing just rumbles, it's damn good yeah, I have to choose my music player and see if I can change the EQ a little You won't hear now, but by all means look here ah ok for the song I got I'm gonna listen to test as a rock superstar, okyouoh my god haha ​​that thirty dollar thing is great you see that thing bouncing around there I can't believe there is so much sound I can't wait to test this out at work, I'm excited, I'm just so excited, okay so it's turning a bit in shuts right now Cant tell you about the battery life I don't know how long it will last I would assume Life gets bigger the lower you have it won't matter but thirty dollars I thank you at home bluetooth speaker is worth the money for watching until the next VideoPro st

Can I connect my iHome speaker to my laptop?

A: Yes. The iBT371 is compatible with iOS and Android device, but can only be paired to one device at a time.

If you own an iHome Airplay speaker like the iW3 model shown here, you will likely love the sound quality of this speaker when it is working. Unfortunately, that Achilles heel of these speakers seems to stay connected to a home Wi-Fi network, especially now that the iHome Set app doesn't seem to work with more modern versions of the iOS operating system for newer iPhones. If your iHome iW3 speaker is having trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi, these steps can help you solve the problems.

At the time of this recording in this article, the iHome set app does not work with the iOS 12 or iOS13 operating systems for iPhones and iPads. This means that if you have an aniHome iW3 Airplay speaker, you will not be able to configure the speaker with your Wi-Fi connection. So, if you've updated your router or changed your SSID or password on your router, you might feel like you are out of luck.

One way to work around this is to use a laptop or Wi-Fi enabled desktop computer to configure the Wi-Fi setting on the speaker instead of connecting an iPhone via USB. To configure your iHome iW3 speaker with your Wi-Fi, simply turn on your iHomespeaker while the speaker is mounted on the charging station and connected to the wall. Once the speaker is clearly on, a little red light will flash on the back of the I home speaker, which means it is not connected to Wi-Fi.

From here, press and hold the network setup button on the iHome speaker for about five to ten seconds. The little red light starts to flash green quickly. This means that the iHome speaker sends out a Wi-Fi signal like a router, which you can then view on your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or desktop computer.

You need to select this iHome speaker if it is the SSID you want your computer to connect to in your computer's network settings. On a Mac, just go to Wi-Fi settings in the toolbar at the top right and select the iHome setup speaker from the list of broadcast SSIDs. The process is similar on a computer with the Windows operating system.

Simply go to your Wi-Fi network settings and select the iHomesetup speaker from the available broadcast SSIDs using a Wi-Fi enabled Windows laptop or desktop computer. Once the computer connects to this iHome setup SSID, open a web browser and enter the following URL in the address bar: - This will open a webpage for the iHomespeaker that will display the name of the device.

Click the Network tab on the left side of the screen to select this screen. Here you can select the SSID WiFi network of your home router and enter the WiFi password of your home router. Leave the automatic IP address DCHP enabled, then click Apply.

It can take up to two minutes to establish a connection. If the connection fails on the first attempt, turn off the iHome speaker for about 10 seconds and restart the iHome speaker. Then start these steps again, press and hold the network setup button on the iHome speaker for about 10 seconds and wait for the little green light to start flashing quickly.

Then check that the iHome speaker shows up as a broadcast SSID in your Wi-Fi settings on your computer. Choose to have iHome set up the SSID to connect to, then refresh your web browser on the web page.

Re-apply the home router password and your iHome speaker should connect to your home WiFi system. These instructions are available in the iHome Air series manuals online at manualslab.com.

The direct link to this guide and guide can be found in the description of this article below. I hope this helps anyone struggling to get this iHome Airplay speaker to work, especially now that the iHome Set app doesn't seem to work with the newer iOS operating system versions. I know that saved this speaker for me and it will definitely improve the connection.

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The WiFi connection is now rarely interrupted and in cases where I have to restart my router, I simply shut down the iHome speaker for about 10 seconds and restart the speaker and it reliably reconnects to the WiFi here. I only had to do these steps once to connect to my home router Wi-Fi connection and this iHomeiW3 speaker. Let me know in the comments below if the solution helped you.


How do you sync iHome?

Press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing Button for 2 seconds. 3. Select “iHome iBT39” on device to pair. Once the iBT39 is paired to a device, it will attempt to autolink when the unit is turned on and when the device is within range (about 33 feet).

How do you Connect Bluetooth to an iHome?

Press the 'Pairing' button on your iHome until both the Bluetooth and Pairing icons begin to flash. Consult the user manual for your specific iHome model for the location of the Pairing button and these icons. 2. On your PC, select Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices > Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth.

What are some of the best iHome audio products?

There are no products that match your criteria. We recommend unchecking your last selection in the filter, or you can show all products. Wireless Fast Charging Bluetooth... Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio with... Compact Alarm Clock with Qi Wireless... Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser... Portable Bluetooth Color Changing...

Where can I get support for my iHome case?

If you would like to provide specific feedback on iHome products or marketing or on the case market generally, please direct your comments to support@ihomecases.com.

How much does it cost to repair an iHome?

Repair or replacement (including parts and labor and shipping costs) shall be made at iHome’s expense. iHome reserves the right to send you a replacement product that is the same or of a similar style or a substitute equivalent that may not be of like kind (depending on availability).

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